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What is Myotherapy?


Clinical Myotherapy is a branch of manual medicine that focuses on the treatment and management of musculoskeletal pain including myofascial pain (trauma or muscle contracture), neuropathic pain (nervous system) and articular pain (joints).


Clinical myotherapists combine fundamental health science knowledge with manual therapy, pain management, and exercise therapy to help people to recover from pain and injury, improving their physical function and quality of life.


Myotherapy treatment will consist of a variety of modalities, including; soft/deep tissue massage, dry needling, electrotherapy, cupping, sports strapping/taping, stretching, exercise prescription and joint mobilisation.


About Us

Here at Prime Balance Rehabilitation we treat a variety of muscular and joint injuries, whether that be in the acute phase (immediately after injuring yourself) or in the chronic phase (having suffered the injury for years).

Our practitioners also have training and qualifications to help you post surgery - whether that be post knee replacement surgery, post ACL reconstructive surgery or post spinal surgery to just name a few!

What can you expect from treatment?


Your session will involve an assessment of your presenting condition and complaint and a treatment will then be tailored to meet your specific needs. 


Myotherapists use a variety of treatment techniques, these may include: 

- Dry Needling 

- Cupping 

- Electrotherapy (TENS)

- Remedial Massage 

- Trigger Point Therapy 





What Conditions does a Myotherapist treat?

- Tension headaches & migraines 

- Lower back pain (disc bulges etc)

- Neck and shoulder pain

- Sports injuries 

- RSI injuries

- Fibromyalgia 

- Work related injuries

- Degenerative joint pain (arthritis)

- Post surgery pain (post joint replacement / reconstructive surgery)

- Pre & Post Natal Pregnancy related pain

If I'm not in pain, should I still see a Myotherapist?


Absolutely! Myotherapists will help maintain the body to allow for optimal functioning. Ongoing maintenance treatment will allow you to feel and move the best that you can. We all service our cars regularly… so why not service the body to?! 

Can I claim with my private health insurance?


Yes, all Myotherapists are registered and recognised with all major health funds, meaning you can claim on the spot if you have private health insurance, just be sure to bring along your private health insurance card to your appointment.

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